Restore Purchase from website (build-550+)

Starting from Poweramp build-550, Poweramp purchased from website doesn't need Unlocker anymore. To restore purchase, please use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website

Detailed instructions:

- update to Poweramp-build-550+ from website. Play version can't unlock Poweramp purchased from website due to Google Play developer agreement

- Ensure you have Internet connection on the device and you can open

- Ensure you have Google or Email account (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global) registered under Android settings => Accounts:

Poweramp (build-550+) supports following types of accounts:
  - Google (requires Google Services on the device)
  - Google Email (IMAP/POP3, requires Google Services on the device)
  - HTC Email (doesn't require Google Services)
  - Motorola Blur (doesn't require Google Services)
  - Yahoo (doesn't require Google Services)

- Ensure you have Poweramp uni build from Poweramp website (e.g. build-550-arm-uni). Play builds don't have non-Play purchase support.

- In Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website and type in that Google or Email account and Order ID (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global).

Poweramp checks if such website purchase exists and if successful saves license forever until device reset, ROM update, or Poweramp app data cleanup/reinstall.

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