Google Play Response - NOT_LICENSED

NOT_LICENSED error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported only in the following cases:

- Poweramp order is incomplete/refunded/cancelled. Please open Your Orders and check your Poweramp Full Version Unlocker status is "Complete"

- you purchased on Poweramp website, but you're using Unlocker from Play. Please uninstall this Unlocker then use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website

- invalid google account on the device. Google Play purchases are bound to the specific google account. If you change it, Play can't recognize your purchase anymore. Please re-add that google account back to your device and/or select this account in Google Play Store app (side menu => top right arrow next to your google account)

- you may need start/wait a second/exit Poweramp 2 times to reload license state

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