Bass and Treble knobs

Bass and Treble are wider Low pass and High pass filters - the same as on some hi-fi equipment.

Bass is 0-100hz, treble is 10000hz+. These are standard ISO frequencies for bass/treble.

Bass and Treble are independent from Eq knobs, these are 2 extra bands. Also they can't/don't reduce level of their frequencies - 0% means no change of sound at all.

There are 10 equ bands + 2 tone bands = 12 in total. 
Poweramp v2: this is nicely processed on NEON enabled cpus - 4 samples for 2 bands with one cpu instruction/cycle, 32 bit internal processing. 

Poweramp v3: 64bit (double) float resolution is now used internally for DSP (including equalizer/tone) processing.

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