Skips, hiccups, stutters

Audio skipping is a complex issue, it can be generated by many factors:

- sd card issues (try to play same file in stock player, if it happens there as well - that's it). Can happen also if many songs/images/movies recently uploaded to the phone (stock system scanner one some devices is slow and takes a lot of SD card bandwidth). Please check SD card for errors (for example, on PC)

- Bluetooth issues. This usually affects any player on the device. Try to Unpair, then Pair BT device again

- tweaked ROM/rooted phone with tweaked CPU governor/frequency. It could be not enough CPU for Poweramp audio processing

- additional 3rd party audio effects. Try to temporarily disable additional audio effects and check if it helps

- some cpu hungry apps (free app like OSMonitor can show total and per process cpu consumption and find offending app/service)

- some broken formats (if skipping happens for the same songs, always, and doesn't happen for others)

Poweramp can be tweaked to mitigate some of the above mentioned factors via settings => Audio => Outputs => (select active output / active device):
- Buffer Size => set higher Preset or increase Buffer ms manually

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